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Dolly Boutique - Mini Muichan Frutoso Bag
Dolly Boutique
Mini Muichan Frutoso Bag

Mini Muichan Frutoso Bag

**The next harvest is ready**
(click the images to see them bigger please :*)

Welcome to the Mini MuiChan re-stock!!!!  Some of yours ask us about Frutoso bags in Mini Muichan size and now it's real!!!! ^^ Now these cute fruity babies can travel with you and your Mini Muichan around the world in a cute, healthy and safe way^^
Pattern is adjusted to assure your girl will travel safe, so, we highly recommend that you put your baby inside the bag with a thin hat or without it.

IMPORTANT! Mini Muichan Frutoso bags have a 120cm strap!

Yes, this is a re-stock! It means that they are ready to ship to your homes in the following week!

You can choose between many different seeds:

- Strawberry
-  Orange
- Plum
- Pineapple
- Strawberry
- Banana
- Peach

Each bag is made of high quality double-sided printed canvas. Lined with synthetic sheepskin and transparent window with a little flower in felt on one side. On the other, it is the whole Frutoso. It wears a vegan leather strap sewed to bag with two rings.
It also includes a small little cushion in sheep to put on the face of the doll or to adjust the height, (some blythes are shorter because of their different bodies) and you can adjust better their face in the window. It has a zipper in a one side of the bag matching the colors of the bag.  
Strap of this bag is 120 cm long (you can hand the bag on your shoulder but can't cross it to your body)  and each one has a different color, matching bags design!

We try to do our best making the pics but colors may change a little in other screens.

If you want to know how put your doll into Frutoso Bag please, click this link:


Shipping is registered with tracking number!

If you have any doubt please ask us ♥

Thank you for watching and thank you for give your support to Frutoso Project, a big kiss <3

You can follow us at our social media and tag us in pics of your dolls inside your Frutoso bags it makes us very happy!

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45 EUR